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"Big Fat Baby Head" Ed & Dino's parody of StainD from 2001
Waltz Of Nadir Outtake
A short outtake from the Reconnecting sessions
Freedom On The Fourh [bootleg]
Free MP3s! Ellenville Flight Park, NY 7/3/05
Arlene's Grocery [pro recording]
Free MP3s! Arlene's Grocery, NYC 8/27/04
Chasing Your Tail [bootleg]
Real Stream, PIXY 103 Hyannis, MASS '99

Video Live
The Quickening [clip]
The Lion's Den, NYC 2/16/05
Waltz of Nadir [clip]
The Lion's Den, NYC 2/16/05
Chasing Your Tail [clip]
The Lion's Den, NYC 2/16/05
Freedom On The Fourth
Full 45-min set! Ellenville Flight Park, NY 7/4/04